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The horse riding school

Our horse riding school offers classes and horses adapted to every level. from beginner riders to students who have earned their Faris 4.

By becoming a member, you can opt for a system of regular classes, varying from one to three sessions per week. You can also book private lessons at your convenience, or even choose to ride occasionally without becoming a member, thanks to our discovery carnet (25 tickets) that can be used for lessons or hacks in the forest.

The pony riding school

Our pony ridong school welcomes children from the age of five and offers them playful activities in a secure environment. As the riders progress, they will have the opportunity, if they wish, to prepare for and undertake the federal exams (the Faris) within our facilities.


The R.C.E Le Carrefour also regularly organizes events, friendly and national federal pony competitions

The horse and pony dressage school

The discipline of dressage is developing in Morocco and here too! The basics in dressage are essential for riders wishing to perform well in all equestrian disciplines

The R.C.E Le Carrefour therefore offers riders the opportunity to discover this discipline or to improve their skills thanks to the support of our specialized coach and competition rider Amale Delacre. Our dressage arena respects international standards and will allow you to train in a privileged way.

Masterclasses in dressage are regularly organized and supervised by national and international speakers.

Equitherapy and adapted horse riding

Does your child have a physical or mental disability and is attracted to animals? Especially by ponies? We can make his dream come true.

Our team of horse therapists will watch over your child and introduce him to the practice of horse riding using educational methods adapted to his disability. Today, we are proud to support, through our programs, several children suffering from autism as well as motor or attention disorders.

Camps & training

We organize training & camps during school holidays for pony and horse riders. These include practical training on horseback and theoretical workshops. Trainees also benefit from childcare from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm, a balanced lunch and a snack.

We often organize camps tailored for the Moroccan federal exams (the Faris) or more commonly known in France as the gallop. During those camps, we also offer advanced classes, supervised by national and international instructors. .

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