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public speaking

Public speaking or oratorical art is the art of convincing, of moving through words. It offers an aesthetic and playful dimension to the discourse because it requires learning a method and therefore a technique.

Public speaking activities or public speaking are built on key exercises as well as scenarios to learn how to structure a speech (prepared or spontaneous). The challenge is to give life to a text, to an intervention, to gain the attention of the public while entertaining them, to learn to occupy space and to stand on stage while delivering an authentic discourse.


For this, the participants will have to learn toknow each other better, atpush their limits and especially tobecome aware of the image they convey working with the microphone and/or with the camera. Very often, the participants do not really know each other, which can be a hindrance to their relationship with their colleagues. With this workshop, you can offer them the opportunity toto win self-confidence and surpass themselves.


Our professionals are there to transmit the tools to the participants. Betweenbreath,breathing,outfit,gesture, all the elements are taken into account to bring you to stage performance and make youbest speakers.

Tenir un micro
Donner un discours
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