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Cours de Zumba à Ourdoor

Zumba & African Dance

You just have to follow the music as recommended by the instructor by linking steps and movements...! We dance all year round at the water's edge, on the expanse of grass or on the terrace.

The Zumba and African dance workshops target theperformance, thecohesion, thechallengeand especially thegood mood. Totally committed to the action, the participants taketrust, sefreeand feel newcollective emotions.


After a few minutes of training with our professional choreographer, the different groups come together to present their choreography. Each group is judged by the participants of the other groups, obviously in afriendly spiritand ofkindness.


Afro Dance or Zumba activities allow your teams to discover African or Latin culture, which they will necessarily take  pleasure! Your colleagues will be carried away by the percussive rhythms of this dance and will come out of this activity more united than ever. This activity is also a great way tofree your teams from stress and tension.It will also allowwork on listening and coordinationwithin your team.


A very good way tooptimize harmonybetween your teams whosecohesionwill only be strengthened by arhythmic and creative experiencelike this one !

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