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Pâtes fraîches

Culinary workshop

Culinary catering workshops are activities carried out by our chefs. The guests will then be able to observe our expert cooks before carrying out the cutting of the products themselves, the cooking or the presentation of the pastries and other dishes.

The interest of organizing a culinary workshop is multiple: not only does it allow you to take advantage ofcreative activitiesvaried and tailor-made, designed forrespond to business issues, but also promotestimulation and integration of new colleagues/members.

The organization of the culinary team building is spread over one or more hours (generally from 1 to 4 hours depending on the participants' time). The workshops can also include “sweet” or “savory” workshops depending on the modalities. In most cases, the teams receive assistance from professionals and assistants who provide valuable advice in the production of desserts and pastries. On the menu: macaroons, tarte tatin, tartlets, fekkas, beghrir, msemen... and many other gourmet desserts.


In addition, it is quite possible that a workshop can be the subject of a competition. In this case, a specific tasting is organized, and a reward given to the team having made the best pastry!


To mark the occasion, and depending on the initial budget of the company, we can design personalized fabric aprons, in the colors of the company and for each participant.

Pâte à tarte
Tarte au citron
chef de Sourire
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