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Joueurs de water-polo

Water polo

Water polo is a water sport that is practiced mainly in a deep pool where two opposing teams compete through a ball. The objective is to place the ball in the opponent's goal.

Water polo is an endurance sport that consists of going back and forth a lot. It will be necessary to demonstratepatienceandresilience. This team sport made up of 13 players has very specific rules, it is an excellent activity to exercise yourcoordination skills while testing his physical condition. It will be necessary play collectivelyby combiningstrategy etphysical.


Water polo also offers many psychological benefits. Indeed, you will be able to develop your psychology and forge your personality by havinggood team spirit. It is also a means ofde-stress, because this sport is very physical andfunin the background.


As a water sport, the benefits of swimming are included. By swimming and floating with the power of water, you work several muscles while releasing thehappiness hormone.


Obviously, for aamateur setup, we provide you with a semi-Olympic swimming pool with a constant depth of 1m50, allowing you to have your feet as well as the appropriate equipment and the staff to organize water polo activities and matches.

For pool images click here.

tir de water-polo joueur
Image de Philippa Rose-Tite
Image de Philippa Rose-Tite
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