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Spike de volleyball de plage

Beach volleyball

A very complete sport, beach volleyball is a holiday activity that can be practiced in pairs or in teams. It is one of the sports with the lowest risk of injury.

A very complete sport, beach volleyball allows you to strengthen your heart and improve your endurance while working on yourspeedand yourreflexes.

Beach volleyball is one of the few team sports characterized byabsence of clashes with the adversary. No violenceand therefore very little risk of injury, that's what makes itaccessibleto all audiences. In addition, playing on the sand helps to absorb shocks: you can dive into the sand with complete peace of mind!

Beach volleyball is an activity ofpleasure: its promoters especially wanted to give through it a much more pleasant andrecreationalthan classic volleyball. It's asport of friendship, ideal for an outing with friends or colleagues. It can be practiced by two or more.

We provide you with a sports coach as well as a sand ground and the equipment necessary for practice.

Terrain de volleyball de plage
Image de Colton Duke
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