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Paintball is by definition the best team building activity. Combining physical exertion, adrenaline and entertainment, paintball will leave unforgettable memories in the minds of your teams.

Installation and objectives

Paintball is practiced in our dedicated and standardized space in the middle of the forest. The games are carried out under the control of referees to avoid any abuse that the players could commit. This activity will help yourteam spirit. You shouldinvent strategiesto dowin over your employeesandescape the schemesof the teamopponent.


The paintball will doworkyourbrainandstimulateyourreactivitybecause you will have to think quickly about actions to take to escape your opponents. For example, to find a hiding place while one of your enemies is following you, or to think of aattack strategytowards one of the players!


  • Land size: 1/2 hectare

  • Total number of participants per game: 20

  • Possible games: cf. to the list below

Our Paint-Ball Games


You have to "just" shoot all the opposing players


The single flag

We take the flag in the center of the field and bring it back to the opposing base.


head shoot

To eliminate someone you have to hit him in the head, the rest of the body does not count.



A player is disarmed and must arrive at the opposing base. He has an escort to protect him. The opposing team wins if the president is hit.


Human & Aliens

It is initially a more complex game of elimination: Two teams (Aliens & Humans) compete, each starting from two remote bases. Humans wear arm bands. As soon as a Human is touched, he removes his armband and becomes Alien. Imagine the big panic if he (she) is in the middle of the human clan (on the human side, like the (the) poor alien…). As soon as an alien is touched, he is out of the game. It doesn't look like it, but it's very easy to manage (even for the referees/animators of the club).

attack defense

A team must defend a place or an object and the opposing team must attack to recover it.

The rabbit

It takes a volunteer who will be the rabbit (unarmed of course). The others are the hunters (provided with thirty marbles each). The goal is for the rabbit to reach his camp without being hit. The rabbit hides without the hunters seeing it, then the hunters enter the arena at a given place and must not move from the game, then the game starts... Outside the spectators bet on one or on the other. If the spectators win they have the right to add a rule.


the medic

Two teams compete, when a player is touched, he can be put back into play if a player designated as "doctor" comes to touch him. To win, you have to hit the doctor and then the other players.


The infernal bomb

Two teams on the ground face each other, one must defend a bomb and the other must recover the bomb before it sounds "so explode" and must bring it back to their camp to defuse it.


Without ammunition

Each player starts with 10 balls and the goal is to collect pots of balls scattered on the ground (be careful there are not for everyone) to recharge and then eliminate the opposing team.

NB: All these scenarios are not the only rules. There are a multitude of them and it is possible to create as many as you want according to everyone's imagination!

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Marqueurs de paintball
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