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Treasure hunt

The treasure hunt is a game that some may have known in their childhood. The most important thing is not to win, but to live the short trip with your friends and this, with fun.

The team building treasure hunt was created in the same spirit as the treasure hunt for children. This activity tends todiscoverto the participants a multitude oflife related opportunities of the company. In the course of the game, everyone will discover theimportance of work in crewas well asindividual qualities of each. Through the mission, each individual will have the opportunity to prove themselves by showing what they are capable of in a given situation. The team building treasure hunt is a privileged opportunity allowing participants toto get closerin a less formal way.

Promoting theteam work, this activity is suitable forbreaking the emotional icethat alienate employees from each other. To be effective, all teams will have toadapttoskillsas well as tobehavioursof each participant. This is a privileged opportunity forresolve conflicts and thus eliminate all the tensions accumulated throughout the year.

By sharing the adventure of the team building treasure hunt, the
relationshipsbetween employees go clearlyimprove. Thecommunicationgoing to be morefluid. Certainly, this will promotewarmer atmospherein a professional environment. The team building treasure hunt is afully customizable activity.We offer you the possibility to design the game according to the preferences, objectives, financial means and values of your company.

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