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The Royal Equestrian Club Le Carrefour was founded in 1997 by Brahim Aadnan and Nadia Bennani Aadnan and has been affiliated to the Royal Moroccan Federation of Equestrian Sports since 1999. It took us more than twenty years of construction, stone by stone and brick by brick to achieve this result.

In the year 2000, we tripled our capacity and welcomed around thirty new horses and customers. This is the real beginning of our riding school, horse section.

A few years later, we manage to finalize the construction of our first clubhouse. A warm and friendly place where riders and their families have always gathered to eat after their riding lessons in both winter and summer. The clubhouse has seen many ceremonies, weddings and anniversaries; a place that does not fail to host the most significant events in our little history.


In 2007, we are proud to have been one of the first clubs to receive ponies from abroad and to have organized the first edition of Carrefour Junior, a national pony show jumping competition. At the time, our first pony riders learned to ride bareback, that is to say without a saddle! Indeed, there was no equipment suitable for ponies in Morocco yet!

Today we count a hundred horses and twenty ponies, supervise a hundred riders each week, including thirty competition riders. In February 2013, we were able, following the agreement of the Royal Cabinet, to organize the Grand Prix of His Majesty King Mohamed VI, may God glorify him, during the national show jumping competition CSI 3*.

Driven by a passion for horses, our mission is to train competition riders, to supervise leisure riders, to develop our facilities and to cultivate more natural spaces for your greatest pleasure of escape.

Our history

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